Q: I got a response from Dr. Eliza to a posting I made on USENET. What is happening here?

A: We sometimes turn Dr. Eliza loose on USENET to browse postings, to find ones that it can make a good response to.

Q: Since you are using shallow parsing methods, why don't you simply publish exactly what you are looking for, so that users can state things in Dr. Eliza cognizant terms?

A: These things are constantly changing. Publishing this would probably encourage users to twist some of their statements to meet present syntax requirements that, when they change, would needlessly impair future development.

Q: Billions of dollars now depend on my solving my problem. Is there anything additional I can do beyond just submitting it to Dr. Eliza?

A: Sure. Just wire us a bunch of money to get our attention, along with a promise of a lot more when we solve your problem. If the amounts that you have sent and promised are enough to rise above our other priorities, then we will commit personnel to solving your problem.

Q: You don't publish which domains Dr. Eliza works in. I have helicopter repair problems, and I don't know if I should even bother submitting them to Dr. Eliza.

A: Much like the constant re-organization of patents at the patent office, we are constantly re-organizing Dr. Eliza's knowledge base. Even if we don't have a specific helicopter sub-domain, there is a good chance that Dr. Eliza can find knowledge to help you in a mechanical sub-domain like bearings, transmissions, airframes, etc., as well as possible clues as to why you aren't now able to solve the problems yourself.

Q: My work is secret. What sort of security can I expect?

A: Only the security measures that you take. Common measures include using pseudonyms instead of real names, using fake identifiers for the systems you are working on, etc. WARNING, using fake identifiers short-circuits applying any specific knowledge that Dr. Eliza might have about the things that you are referring to, so exercise care in this regard. We may make some problem statements public, but only after removing your email address and changing all identifying information.