How to use Dr. Eliza

Dr. Eliza was designed to solve difficult problems, eventually utilizing much of the knowledge of the entire human race. However, it has a number of other good uses, like analyzing drafts of articles to determine the unanswered questions, processing incoming website problems to get an automated 2nd opinion before answering, etc.

Just submit a problem to Dr. Eliza describing your problem. The following are suggestions to improve Dr. Eliza's understanding of your writing and not absolute requirements beyond NOT looking like spam.

The first paragraph should be a greeting and include any requests, such as a need for an immediate reply, a need for confidentiality, interest in updates as more knowledge is incorporated into Dr. Eliza, etc. If you are using Dr. Eliza for something other than solving a problem, then mention the use here. Failure to even mention Dr. Eliza in the greeting will probably direct your carefully composed problem statement into the spam bucket.

Your problem statement is best written in the first person. If you are trying to solve a problem for someone else, e.g. your child is sick, then write it from your child's point of view, as though you were your child, describing their symptoms as though they were your own symptoms, etc. This avoids much pronoun misunderstanding. Use short sentences, because combining thoughts into a single sentence invites ambiguous meanings.

Saying the same thing in several different ways tends to improve Dr. Eliza's accuracy, and the additional length costs you nothing. However, try to avoid speculating on possible solutions or potential relationships between observations, because these cannot help Dr. Eliza's own problem solving process, but can potentially impair Dr. Eliza's understanding of your problem.

Sign your letter with either your correct name or a screen name that you have chosen to use by putting it on a separate line at the end.

When Dr. Eliza emails back its reply, you will probably see some questions, and sometimes something that indicates to you that Dr. Eliza misunderstood something you said. Do NOT directly answer these questions, but rather go back to your original problem statement, modify it to include the answers to these questions, and re-send it to Dr. Eliza. If your problem statement appears to have already answered a question, then Dr. Eliza probably misunderstood your statement, so you should restate it, but in very different words, shorter sentences, etc.

Sometimes Dr. Eliza will object to some specific wording in your problem statement. This happens when Dr. Eliza was unable to process a sentence, usually because it appeared to be off of the topic of a problem statement. If unimportant, the sentence should be deleted. If important, then the specific objection should be addressed.

Note that Dr. Eliza recognizes when its knowledge is inadequate to solve a problem and seeks additional knowledge from its human support staff. Hence, some replies will be almost instantaneous, while other might take hours, days, or on rare occasions, weeks.

If you want to receive periodically updated manuals on how to work with Dr. Eliza's proclivities, then please email us at