How can I Join the Dr. Eliza Project?

There is a hierarchy of potential participation:

1. User: Problem statements often incorporate knowledge that can be used to solve other problems. Your most vexing problems, in combination with those of others, may result in a broader understanding that results in a later update that solves your problem. For example, you might submit a problem statement describing your cancer.

2. Knowledge Contributor: Whether via email submission to Dr. Eliza or via Eliza-cognizant web page construction, you can explain what you have learned in machine-knowledge format for the world to use. For example, you might submit the detail that radiation therapy using a brief high-intensity pulse avoids irradiating the total blood volume, with consequent immunological suppression.

3. Sub-Domain Master: Much contributed knowledge is overlapping, contradictory, doubtful, self-serving, etc. This must be sorted out and organized in ways that respects minority opinions and efficiently yields real-world solutions to real-world problems. For example, you might decide to sort cancer approaches out to first concentrate on the metabolic control issues that so often underlie cancer, before zeroing in on a specific treatment like radiation therapy.

4. Domain Master: Various sub-domains often find various effective ways of dealing with problems that remain unknown to other nearby sub-domains. To illustrate, veterinary medicine often leads human medicine, so when an effective treatment for something in animals is found, it is important for Dr. Eliza to be able to note this for human sufferers. It is a Domain Master's job to "cross-pollinate" this information. For example, if veterinarian discovers that thyroid medication seems to slow or reverse the growth of some cancers, then this should be suggested to humans who fit the pattern of successful patients. This has resulted in merging veterinary and human medicine all into the "Health" domain.

5. Knowledge Master: A Knowledge Master for Dr. Eliza to "speak with one voice", for its output to appear in an organized fashion, to ban the encroachment of self-serving spam, etc.

6. Marketing Master: Once Dr. Eliza figures out how to cure your problem, there is a good chance that you will have to purchase some product to help accomplish this. The Marketing Master contacts suppliers to see if they are interested in having specific mention in Dr. Eliza's replies for conditions potentially needing their products.

7. Mechanic: The engine that makes the knowledge "come to life" will for-ever need refining and upgrading as better methods emerge. This requires a rare combination of Knowledge Master level skills, ability to work with highly complex programs, and extreme attention to details.

We recommend that you start at the beginning - as a user, and then, depending on your skills, work your way up to your level of comfort. At some point, you may receive a monetary offer to work directly for us.

Problem solving is clearly the way of the future of AI, and we are presently the only company everyone who is interested the opportunity of working in this area. So, if you want real-world experience, then working with us is probably the only way that you are going to get it. If you are interested in becoming a part of Dr. Eliza, then please inquire at