Patient Self-Selection

The Dr. Eliza program contains machine knowledge in certain particular subject domains like chronic illnesses, bad teeth, and personal relationships. Further, this machine knowledge tends to consist of facts that are probably not known to most professionals working in these areas. Where problems lie squarely within the areas of expertise of practicing professionals, not only is Dr. Eliza an inappropriate tool to use, but most likely Dr. Eliza hasnít even been programmed with the information needed for minimal functionality. Hence, your first stop should be with a practicing professional.

The following paragraphs all pertain to health and medical problems.

The Dr. Eliza program contains alternative suggestions, pertaining to chronic ailments that may be considered to be incurable, and that your doctor may not be familiar with. However, the Dr. Eliza program does not know most of the things that your doctor knows, especially things about other unrelated conditions. Further, success with the Dr. Eliza program is much more likely if you have the correct medical terms for your symptoms and whatever your doctor is able to figure out about your condition. Hence, it is important to see a competent board-certified specialist practicing in the area of your illness before attempting to use the Dr. Eliza program.

Note that allopathic prescription drugs that you may already be taking usually interfere with diagnostic experiments, and these medications can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal to you if you continue taking them after successfully curing your illness. This is because drugs that force a sick personís metabolic parameters back toward normal, will also push a healthy personís metabolic parameters way off normal. It would be a shame to cure your illness, only to then be killed by medications that you no longer need. Therefore, your specialist should be apprised of this danger, so that you can minimize allopathic medications during experiments, and quickly withdraw allopathic medications should a successful cure be found. A method that works in most situations is to adjust your prescription medications to reduce symptoms to a tolerable level, while being careful not to completely eliminate the symptoms that they address.

Some of the diagnostic experiments and corrections in the Dr. Eliza knowledge base may carry heightened risks. These should not be undertaken unless the risk of not correcting your condition, e.g. death, is even greater.

Nearly everything from the Dr. Eliza program comes directly from a machine and without any human review. This is based upon machine knowledge that has been entered by people who have no medical credentials. Hence, the potential for serious error is completely uncontrolled. Before you bet your life on such output, you should have it reviewed by a competent physician, if one can be found.

The problem with finding competent physicians, is that you must choose from among those "experts" who have already demonstrated their lack of skill with your condition. To make this work, you must carefully ignore their skepticism regarding the value of experiments or your prospects for curing your condition. However, you should carefully attend to any dangers they identify, and most especially to ways of mitigating those dangers while proceeding with the needed experiments to support a scientific method investigation and eventual cure.

Competent physicians are a vanishing breed. Physicians are now too busy to search the Internet, read books, contact experts, perform experiments, etc., to help individual patients. Some "specialists", like those working with MS patients, have never successfully cured anyone. Would you employ the services of a mechanic who has never successfully fixed a car, and who has no apparent intention of fixing your car? Doctors must now spend years memorizing countless medical details to get their MDs, leaving way too few for them to spend the substantial amount of time and effort needed to actually cure illnesses. For you to finally find your way to the Dr. Eliza program, you have probably been left to die by a deeply dysfunctional medical "system". Continued reliance on this system has its obvious hazards.